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Closeup #LoveRules Exhibit

We were brought up in a world where society dictates what is acceptable and not acceptable. And that includes the journey to find love. In many cases, people are afraid of experiencing love--the most beautiful feeling in the world. But that shouldn't be the case, right? We should be free to love no matter what.

That's why Closeup, a brand that believes in celebrating all kinds of love, recently held its #LoveRules Exhibit. It's an interactive event that aims to break the stereotypical interpretations of love through a panel discussion and different mediums of art.

The panel consisted of four outspoken and open-minded individuals, each with their own story of finding love without fear or doubts.

Radio DJ and host Katz Salao talked about being confident in going after what she wants, and even making the first move, going against the Maria Clara stereotype of Filipina women.

Andie Eigenmann shared her love story with surfer Philmar Alipayo and how she chose to leave show business and to live a simple life in Siargao. She found the freedom to love despite what everyone else expected of her.

Indoor cycling instructor EG Bautista told us about his coming out experience and overcoming his fear of judgement of his same-sex relationship.

While Issa Pressman discussed how she remains open to the possibilities of life, even as her relationships unfold in the public eye.

Aside from the panel discussion, 4 murals created by graffiti artist Jappy Agoncillo were scattered around the venue. Each highlighting a perceived barrier to relationships and celebrating how Filipino couples overcome differences.

This mural speaks about the stigma around online dating. It reminds us that we can find love anywhere and we should take our chances even with just one swipe.

LGBTQIA couples are often treated differently. Through this mural, it shows how colorful the world could be if only we can accept all kinds of love.

The words "Don't let the years hold you back." and the art that symbolizes two people with generation gap is my true to life story. Sure, me and my fiance sometimes get that gap when we talk about music and movies. But we didn't let those factors hinder our love story to flourish.

By bringing forward and highlighting these diverse stories in its #FreeToLove campaign, Closeup continues to empower everyone to get close and choose to love, hoping to create a more accepting and respectful world. Where love has rules, take a stand and let love rule.

To learn more about Closeup's #FreeToLove campaign, visit .


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