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Heinz Goes Asian This Chinese New Year

Heinz has been a household name for catsup, even for fast food chains. If you thought Heinz = catsup only, well you got it all wrong. Heinz has been producing oriental-flavoured sauces and condiments since 2002. Heinz Asian Sauces are served all over the world from America all the way to Asia, and now it is finally available here in the Philippines.

Its product range composes of the Heinz Golden Mark Oyster Sauce 260g (Php71.75), Heinz Golden Mark Oyster Sauce 500g (Php113), Heinz Premium Oyster Sauce 260g (Php135.5), Heinz Premium Oyster Saunce 510g (Php220.5), Heinz Golden Mark Soy Sauce 500ml (Php74.75), Heinz Premium Light Soy Sauce 150ml (Php64.75), Heinz Garlic Chili Sauce 235g (Php97.8), Heinz Thai Sweet Chili Sauce 240g (Php94.5), Heinz Blended Sesame Oil 150ml (Php98.25), Heinz Blended Sesame Oil 500ml (Php221).

From simple meals to gourmet dishes, Heinz Asian Sauces provide enhanced taste and premium flavours to your cooking. I got to enjoy and use these sauces while cooking hotpot and Korean barbecue at TongYang Plus -- Sesame oil for grilled meat, Sweet Chili and Oyster sauce for seafood and a Soy sauce for dimsum. Yum!

Dine like a true Asian as we celebrate Chinese New Year with Heinz! Whether at home or at a gathering, let Heinz Asian Sauces bring out the best flavors in every dish. Heinz Asian Sauces are available in leading Robinsons Supermarkets, Unimart Supermarkets, Makatisupermart Alabang, All Day Supermarket, Citimart Supermarket, and Landmark Supermarkets.

For updates, recipe ideas, and other information, follow the official social media accounts of Heinz Asian Sauces: @heinzasianph for both Facebook and Instagram. #HeinzGoesAsian and so should you!


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