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Set your life in motion with UNIQLO's Sport Utility Wear

I usually wear shirts and leggings when I work out but I still end up so uneasy because of the fit and fabric. Clearly, comfortability and performance are being compromised. But with UNIQLO's latest sport utility wear collection, I absolutely feel free to move around and workout without limitations.

In line with the brand’s LifeWear philosophy to improve life through innovative and high-quality clothing, each Sport Utility Wear piece is universal in design and comfort, using the best fabrics to give wearers a light and easy feeling at all times.

UNIQLO DRY-EX is a highly breathable mesh, designed to dry faster and prevent the steamy and sticky feeling that often comes with perspiration. Its seamless 3D design offers advanced mobility, range of motion and support to allow garments to conform to the shape of your body. As part of the sustainability plans, UNIQLO will introduce the DRY-EX Polo Shirt that incorporate high value-added polyester fibers derived from reclaimed PET bottles. AIRism actively wicks away moisture and heat, making each piece highly breathable and quick-drying, with a smooth, light feel. Keep fresh throughout activities as the material fights odor.

Women's collection include the Women’s DRY-EX Crew Neck T-shirt, Women’s AIRism UV Cut Mesh Hoodie, and Women’s AIRism Soft Leggings. While Men's collection include Men’s DRY-EX Crew Neck T-shirt, Men’s DRY-EX Stretch Sweat L/S Full Zip Hoodie, and Men’s DRY-EX Shorts.

True enough, the AIRism UV cut mesh hoodie is so airy, light and features DRY technology. I don’t even feel that I am wearing anything or even sweating. At first, thought I was going to die in the heat while cycling around BGC with our Bambikes but no. Ang bongga.

And oh, the AIRism leggings feel like butter! Grabe it is form fitting, no to puson ang peg girl. Not to mention the cute color selections and designs are very fashionable too. It makes me want to live in it for life. #uniqloph #sportutilitywear #setyourlifeinmotion

Check out the complete Sport Utility Wear collection with the Uniqlo Mobile App or via select Uniqlo stores.


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