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Elunara Beauty Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Brush Review

If you want to upgrade your usual skincare regimen, Elunara has various range of facial tools readily available. The specific device I'll be reviewing is their Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Brush. So why use this? It's a deep-cleaning device that not only make your products more effective, but it's also a quick ticket to getting an effortless glow without tacking on a bunch of extra steps.

For the packaging and content, the product comes in a box with a usb-type of charger and a manual. The packaging is straight to the point. I like that the box is very sturdy as not to damage the product while in transit. I can actually reuse it for storing other things too. By the way, I like the smooth and calming color!

Elunara's Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Brush has a brush design that stands out. Compared to nylon or synthetic cleansing brushes, you won't need to change the brush heads for this one. Its silicone material anti-bacterial and has a non-abrasive behavior. That's why it is also recommended for all skin types, even for sensitive ones. It's not going to scratch your face and there's a zero chance that this will hurt your skin. The silicone material features different touch points to easily reach into your pores and clean all the dirt, oil, sweat, makeup residue, and dead skin cells. The thin touch points is to gently cleanse sensitive skin, sharp touch points for oily skin and nose, and thick touch points on the back for in my case massaging.

To turn the device on and off, just press the circle button in the middle of the device. One of its main functions is the Ultrasonic vibrations that can easily be adjusted depending on the speed mode that you desire. Simply press on the + or - buttons. Did I also mention that the device is rechargeable?

I normally use this 1-2x a week with my mild cleanser. I start off by wetting my face with water, then I add the cleansing cream to my face. I turn on the device and usually use medium speed only. I make circular movements all over my face and make sure everything has been exfoliated.

What I like about the design of this product is that it has a tip that reaches the sides of my nose, chin and other hard-to-reach parts of my face. The device also turns off by itself after 3 minutes so that the rechargeable battery won't be drained right away. Aside from that, it is really very effective in removing dead skin cells, sebum and dirt. After using the product, my face is smoother and cleaner than usual. The skin care products I use are easily absorbed by my face compared to before as well. In fact, my skin feels good after every use!

For only Php1410, you really get your money's worth. Enjoy your very own spa-quality facial cleansing at your own home. Get this user-friendly, low-maintenance and effective Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Brush from Elunara now. Shop at


Portrait shots by: Ced Roxas

Product shots by me


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