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Shopee Haul: Fresh Skinlab Milk White Range

Admit it or not, the global lockdown has gotten us addicted to online shopping. I have splurge and spent some amount of money on lockdown buys--I even bought new clothes despite not having to get out of the house. I guess it's all about being sane and making ourselves happy during this chaotic times.

My recent purchases are skin care products, and that includes the Fresh Skinlab Milk White Line. Fresh Skinlab is a Filipino brand that offers Korean-value skin and personal care products that are affordable yet high quality. They have recently released their Milk White Line that are said to brighten the skin and give a healthy glow. The Milk White Line includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, body salt scrub, soap, jelly peel, tone up cream, tone up BB powder, and hair treatment.

I was really attracted by the cute milk carton packaging and curious how these products work so I got myself the Milk White Whip Foaming Face and Body Soap, Milk White Brightening Jelly Peel, Milk White Tone Up BB Powder, and the Milk White Tone Up Sun Cream. I heard that these products are safe to use since these are paraben and alcohol free.

Fresh Skinlab Milk White Whip Foaming Face and Body Soap 100g (Php139)

The product comes with a mesh and is enriched with milk protein extracts, glutathione, AHA and BHA. I like that milky fresh scent since it is not too strong to trigger my allergies. Its main ingredients include grape seed oil which helps smoothen our skin and elasticity; glutathione for brightening and lightening of the skin; and sunflower seed oil that protects our skin from free radicals.

To use it, simply place the soap inside the mesh, moisten and rub with water until foam appears and thickens into whipped foam. Gently apply and massage onto skin and then rinse thoroughly. True to its claims, the soap is really foamy and moisturizing. My skin feels soft and moisturized after every bath. Parang baby skin ulit. Plus, the soap does not melt easily.

Fresh Skinlab Milk White Brightening Jelly Peel 100ml (Php299)

Just like the soap, the Jelly Peel is also enriched with milk protein extracts, glutathione, AHA and BHA. It gently exfoliates the skin by lifting away dead skin cells, black heads and other impurities without irritating your skin. This specific Jelly Peel is a physical exfoliant or exfoliator that contains witch hazel extract--a known ingredient to improve acne-prone skin.

The texture is jelly-like but becomes liquid type when rubbed onto the skin. I use this once or twice a week and it is somehow very satisfying to see my dead skin cells removed. Despite the exfoliation, Fresh Skinlab's Milk White Brightening Jelly Peel is also very moisturizing by the way. Compared to peeling gels or creams with beads, this is definitely more gentle.

Fresh Skinlab Milk White Tone Up Sun Cream 50ml (Php199)

If you are into instant brightening effects, Fresh Milk White Tone Up Sun Cream could be your go-to product. The cream not only enhances your skin tone but also targets dull and dry areas of your face. It contains SPF30 which protects the skin from the sun. But take note, it does not have UVA/UVB protection so remember to still apply your usual sunscreen. The texture is a combination of cream and gel and it dries out to a matte finish. I use it as a primer or even a make up base for a more natural fresh looking finish. Once applied to the skin, it reduces dullness from my skin and gives me a bright glow. It smells so good, does not leave white casts, and is not sticky too. You only need a pea-sized amount to use in your face to get that natural looking radiance. Available in sachet and in tubes.

The one with the product looks whiter and pinkish compared to my natural yellowish skin color.

Fresh Skinlab Instabright Milk White Tone Up BB Powder 50g (Php89)

This is another product that gives an instant glow while keeping your skin shine and oil free. It has a double UVA/UVB protection so for those who don't like applying the usual sunscreen when at home, you can simply use this as an alternative. For me, the Tone Up BB Powder is perfect for both teens and adults who want to look fresh, shine-free and oil-free without having to put too much makeup or foundation.

Overall, these work best for those with normal, combination or oily skin. I am so glad I got these instead of an expensive rejuvenating set. These are so worth it and affordable and at the same time helps your skin look brighter and glowing. Fresh Skinlab Milk White products are available only at , Lazada or Watsons online. (Not available in physical stores.) Let me know what you think! #FreshMilkWhiteLine #FreshOralCare #FreshPhilippines #FreshSkinlab

Oh by the way, I also hoarded some of Fresh Skinlab's Oral Care--Fresh Pink Himalayan Toothpaste (Php99), Fresh Pink Himalayan Mouthwash, Fresh Charcoal Toothpaste (Php99), and Fresh Charcoal Mouthwash! Aside from having good skin, oral care is also essential to me. Again, the packaging is on point; love the colors and minimalist design. These products are anti-bacterial, alcohol-free, Triclosan Free, sugar-free, and the best part...teeth whitening! I'm currently using the Charcoal Toothpaste and Mouthwash for that ultra-minty fresh breath.


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