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Affordable Anti-Acne Skin Care Set: FRESH Calamine Anti-blemish

Been wanting to remove pimples but don't have much budget? Read on to see if the Fresh Calamine Anti-blemish set is for you. The Calamine Anti-blemish set includes the foam wash, toner, gel moisturizer, and the spot cream.

We all know that calamine is a known ingredient that has drying properties which is great for acne-prone skin. So it's good that Fresh now has this set since I have never seen a whole skin care line dedicated solely on calamine as one of the main ingredients. Aside from calamine, other main ingredients written on the products are salicylic acid, madecassoside, and sunflower seed oil. These ingredients are also known to reduce acne, remove redness and itching, and stop irritation.

For those who are curious, my skin type is a combination of oily T-zone to normal, and sometimes I get pimples from having hormonal imbalance. I saw that these are only priced at pHP200+ each and are more affordable compared to other anti-acne sets, that's why I gave it a try. Besides, the packaging looks simple and once again has a cute color palette just like the Fresh Milk White Line.

Fresh Calamine Anti-blemish Calming Foam Wash

Just like in any other skin care routine, we jump right into washing our face after removing makeup. The texture of the foam wash is a gooey since it is meant to be foamed up before applying and massaging on to the face. It deeply cleans your face, removes excess oil and leaves just the right amount of natural oils and moisture your skin needs. Very gentle and this also helps to soothe minor skin irritation and slowly reduces the appearance of blemishes with every wash. I noticed that my skin is brightened and fresh after wash. Not to mention, it is unscented unlike the usual facial wash.

Fresh Calamine Anti-blemish Toner

This toner effectively restores your skin’s natural moisture and suppleness. It targets skin imperfections and helps soothe irritated skin and slowly reduces the appearance of blemishes with regular use. This product is definitely mild, hydrating and lightweight. I didn't feel any sting nor breakouts after using it.

Fresh Calamine Anti-blemish Gel Moisturizer

Its gel formulation is especially made for better skin absorption to help quickly reduce blemishes such as acne, prevent

scarring and minimize the appearance of other skin imperfections. I like that it is lightweight with a bit of cooling effect.

Fresh Calamine Anti-blemish Calming Spot Cream

I've tried various spot treatments but most of them stings. Surprisingly this one does not! It quickly dries spot pimples and it slightly lessens rough patches. This is actually my most recommended product out of the 4.

Overall, this set is effective in calming and soothing the skin. These also help in speeding up the wound healing process if ever you accidentally popped your pimple. I didn't get any irritation or allergies from any of the products since these products are paraben-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free. To be honest, using these products on my combination skin has lessen the oiliness on my T-zone. But take note, there is no immediate effect or result in using these products. You will only really see the effects after 5 to 7 days. I wouldn't continue using it on a daily basis though since I have combination skin and I don't want to lose the dewiness on my cheeks part. I would use it if ever I get intense acne again. If you have acne-prone and oily skin, sensitive skin, then this is highly recommended for you. You can get a set from Watsons. #FreshSkinlab #FreshCalamine



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