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Japan's Saborino and Momopuri Are Now Available In The Philippines

Whenever I travel to Japan, I make sure to bring home souvenirs and of course Japanese skin care products. Honestly, I have already stick to some of those products for my daily skin care routine. While I also want to discover new products to keep me updated with the trends. The next on my list is Saborino and Momopuri but unfortunately I am not able to travel to Japan any time soon due to the pandemic. Good thing, these are now available in the Philippines!

Saborino and Momopuri are manufactured by Japanese company Beauty Creative Lab. I frequently see these products in Japanese drugstores whenever I visit Japan. And now, these are available at LAZMALL (BCL), SHOPEE (BCL PHILIPPINES), and selected BeautyBar and Watsons stores nationwide!

I get easily attracted by kawaii or cute packaging and Momopuri products are certified eye-catchers with their peachy and minimalist packaging. In Japanese, momo means peach while puri means plump. Hence the name Momopuri. Momopuri products are known to help achieve youthful beautiful skin, firm, plump and juicy as peach. Their products are mainly composed of 80 BILLION lactobacillus which are best in controlling skin balance. So it's like Yakult but for the skin!:) Here are 3 peachy products I have tried:

Momopuri Cleansing Wash (Php525) is a moisturizing foaming face wash for combination to dry and sensitive skin. Aside from the 80B lactobacillus blend that is a hype ingredient used in Japanese skin care products, the cleansing wash has a slight peach scent which gives a nice refreshing feeling. Its dense foam consistency gently wraps the skin and removes dirt and makeup at once. To make a fluffy foamy texture, add a small portion of water from time to time while rubbing the cleanser on your palm. I love playing around with the foam while washing my face and my skin feels refreshed, soft and smooth after every use.

Momopuri Moisture lotion (Php625) is a hydrating lotion for lush skin and youthful balance. Just like the cleansing wash, this has a slight peach scent as well. It serves as a watery toner that helps minimize and tighten pores. At the same time, it is also moisturizing and hydrating. This product is suitable even for those with sensitive skin and it will also be available in a heavier or more concentrated version which is ideal for those with really dry skin.

Momopuri Gel Cream (Php895) is an all-in-one skincare gel cream which infuses moisture and elasticity. I've tried using this before applying my makeup and it really makes a huge difference. It is a light weight gel that deeply hydrates the skin. Apply it at night and the product's moisture stays in place until the next day. I highly recommend this for those with dry skin.

These products have been amazing so far. I didn't know lactobacillus blend could help with skin balance so Momopuri really opened its door for my new skin care discoveries.

As for lazy girls like me who want to look their best but without exerting too much effort, Saborino might be the brand for you. The name Saborino was based on the word saboru which means to slack off or to skip class and this is exactly how the Japanese beauty brand works! Combining the best ingredients developed by an all-female project team, Saborino has created products that will make your skin routine quicker and easier.

Their best selling products include the Morning facial sheet masks and the Good Night facial sheet masks. What makes these face masks unique is that you don't need any other skin care products. Each sheet mask has an 5-in-1 formula that is equivalent to a full skin care routine. The Morning facial sheet mask is a face wash, lotion, milk, essence and mask in one. While the Good Night facial sheet mask is lotion, milk, essence, cream and mask in one. You only have to leave this face mask on for 60 seconds or 1 minute!

One pack of the Morning facial sheet mask comes with 32 sheet masks which will last you a whole month for only Php895! So that's like Php28 per sheet mask only. While the Good Night facial sheet mask pack comes with 28 sheet masks for the same amount. Not keen on buying the whole pack yet? These facial sheet masks are also available in packs of 5 for Php295 only.

Saborino facial sheet masks don't just give my skin moisturization but it also has a cooling effect that really wakes me up in the morning and also gives me a good night sleep in the evening. It is also very convenient since the packaging allows you to easily take out one sheet mask at a time, and the mask is not drippy at all too. Although these are just light masks compared to other masks that needed to be left on for 15 minutes, I'm still satisfied with the basic skin care that it provides in just 1 minute.

How about you? Do you prefer a skip skincare routine or a more elaborate one?

To purchase Momopuri and Saborino products, visit LAZMALL (BCL), SHOPEE (BCL PHILIPPINES), and selected BeautyBar and Watsons stores nationwide!



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