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SASA goes up to 41% off on Shopee Beauty!

SASA goes up to 41% off on Shopee Beauty! From hair care to makeup, Shopee Beauty has all your makeup and skincare needs! Enjoy the most exclusive deals up to 90% off, new launches, and exciting offers fit from various brands for every makeup & skincare haul--only from Shopee Beauty! I remember the times when I still had to go to Hong Kong or Japan to buy Sasa products. I'm so glad that I can buy my fave Sasa essentials on Shopee now.

Formulated with low molecular weight collagens, which are fast-absorbing, and other beauty ingredients, skin becomes firm, healthy and youthful, revealing the beauty of youth!

● Firm and supple skin: the low molecular weight collagens help boosting the formation of collagen fiber inside body, hence reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

● Boosting skin metabolism: enriched with CoQ10 and other superfruit-derived ingredients, skin is protected against external stimuli, promoting skin metabolism and balance.

● Replenishing moisture: hyaluronic acids improve dryness of skin, leaving skin supple and soft.

● 3 layers Material


● BFE>99%, PFE>99%,VFE>97%

● 6 Different Colors Earloops

● Size : 17.5CM x 9.5CM

Here comes the new definition of sunscreen! ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen skincare milk not only blocking the ultraviolet light, also providing effective skin care power! The signature "AQUA BOOSTER" technology has been upgraded to "AQUA BOOSTER EX" technology. Also, it incorporates 50% beauty ingredients, which immediately infuses the skin with moisture, repairs skin and anti-aging, and the texture is gentle and comfortable. It can strengthen ultraviolet light barrier when the sunscreen touch sweat or water, thoroughly protects your skin! I have actually been using this product even before they launched here in the Philippines.


• BFE>99%, PFE>99%

• 6mm comfortable earloop

• Size : 195mm x 130mm (+/-5mm variance)

Get yours now! :)



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